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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Springz Collection

Maple Springz (RM 37) SOLD

Summer Springz (RM37)SOLD

Autumn Springz (RM36)

Icey Springz (RM37)SOLD

Blossom...springs...I love it. This collection look so sweet with the girlie side of you (",) with the lace, floral print, happy and bright colours and oh ya! the matching earrings + necklace! You can always wear it with simple jeans mini skirt or short pants to reveal the girlie side of you...heeheee....

You can also wear it with thick waist belt to create a barbie doll look.. oh oh wear it with hairband + cute cute pumps =) I'm sure your guy will melt for least mine will do **blush**

Isn't this deal is worth the money especially when it comes together with another piece (earring/necklace)?? Grab it fast before out of stock!

Size: Free size (fit size M) { for those of you who are petite, you can wear it with tube top inside to create a sexy girly look! *heart*}
Colour: grey, beige, yellow, blue


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