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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So What Do You NEED?

If you look at the right hand corner, there's a column on What Do You Need? It's a poll i've created to get the opinion from you girls (or maybe guys :p) on what you need for your closet.
I will then get the clothes based on the poll results. You can now do your own shopping!!! err... in a new way lar...heeehee...

So pls pls do vote... Do vote for the clothes you are looking for and also help me in my shopping list :) It's a good way to save our energy, eye strength and fingers from clicking the mouse, can? =B


Hey Girlss, there's a promotion out there! Free POSTAGE for every purchase!!

Yes u heard me rite :) free delivery with every purchase! Ppssttt....girls, the matching ACCESSORIES is included! Isn't this a good deal u can get? Hurry up as the items are limited and this promotion only valid till CNY!

Waiting for your emails/purchase soon *grinn*

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS peeps!! Wishing you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Happy Shopping in PrettyEverAfter ~!!~ Sales and promotion coming up soon... 1st time ever in prettyeverafter! Check it out :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Vroomm Collection

Yellow Tutu (RM32) SOLD

White Chuchu (RM34)

Grey Tootoo (RM32) SOLD

Another Tee collections!! Plain, simple and kewiutttt..... Aren't this lil car prints so cute?? This big-T is just nice for a nice beach walk with bikini top inside. Oh it's also perfectt with beach pants. Hmm... it's kinda look cute sexy when you wear it as its a lil bigger for your petite body (i mean those small size girls ya!) So lovely matched it with the earrings, necklace and bracelate! And everything less than Rm 35?? O_o

Size: Free Size
Colour: yellow, white, grey

Tee-Top Collections

Marty in Safari (RM 24) SOLD

Holywood Long-T (RM24) SOLD

Pinky lil-T (RM30) SOLD

Gliterie Stonz (RM38) SOLD

Tee-top for anyone?? Isn't this different style of tee-top create a different look? Marty in Safari and Holywood Long-T is so sweettt with the nice painting *heart* For you girls out there who is petite in size can wear it as a dress! Yes Yes a dress, a shirt dress... it's very nice...wear it with flip flop or sneakers to create a girl next door look :)

Pinky-lil-T is so so sweet and girly....especially with the pinky juicy earring! I know I know its PINK. which girl can resist this pinky top?

Finally, look out for the final piece with earrings! isn't this piece is gorgeous? I like the neckline *totaly heart it* I think i can wear it for a night out! to clubbing perhaps? *bluekk :p*

Size: Free size (fit size S)
Gliterie Stonz (fit size S/M)
Colours: As shown above

GeoTHEmetry Collection

Checkerz Checkmate (RM35) SOLD

Chesster Classic (RM32) SOLD

Red Damdam (RM**) SOLD

Wanna look different?? Wanna be stylist, sporty and yet sexy? Well why don't style in this collections? Ain't this piece looks just so cute with bottom short pants and bareback? With lil checkz and buttons in front?

Girlss..this is a one piece item! YES one piece. Combination of girly look and sporty look. Wear it with your sneakers and cap with large earrings (Chesster Classic) to create a girly sporty look! *bling*

The matching necklace is just so cute to bring the cuteness in you! Wear this to day outing especially in our hot and humid weather. The joyful colours will definitely lighten up your day! Wee.....

Size: Free size (fit size S/M) with smocked back :)
Colours: olive green, blue, red

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Springz Collection

Maple Springz (RM 37) SOLD

Summer Springz (RM37)SOLD

Autumn Springz (RM36)

Icey Springz (RM37)SOLD

Blossom...springs...I love it. This collection look so sweet with the girlie side of you (",) with the lace, floral print, happy and bright colours and oh ya! the matching earrings + necklace! You can always wear it with simple jeans mini skirt or short pants to reveal the girlie side of you...heeheee....

You can also wear it with thick waist belt to create a barbie doll look.. oh oh wear it with hairband + cute cute pumps =) I'm sure your guy will melt for least mine will do **blush**

Isn't this deal is worth the money especially when it comes together with another piece (earring/necklace)?? Grab it fast before out of stock!

Size: Free size (fit size M) { for those of you who are petite, you can wear it with tube top inside to create a sexy girly look! *heart*}
Colour: grey, beige, yellow, blue

Thursday, December 11, 2008

De la Rosa Collection

English Rose (RM39) SOLD

Christmas Rose (RM 38) SOLD

Gruelder Rosa (RM 37) SOLD

Sweeettt!!! This sweet simple dress with accessories simply remind me of younger days... YES you heard me right, it comes with matching accessories! :)
Is'nt this dress it just simple and yet cute?? It's just perfect for day out with your girl friends hanging around, catching up feeling care free with this dress! *wink wink*

If you're taller (above 160cm), you can make it as a top wear it with your short!Oh my it rhymes ^o^
I simply love this dress especially when it is matched with the accessories. 3 different colours with 3 different style for 3 different occasion. Go girlsss......

Sizes: Free Size (with zip at side)
Measurement: Bust (32inch), Waist (28inch), Length (29 inch)
Colour available: White, Green, Black

Birds Of Paradise Collection

Pink Flamingo (RM38)

Red Macaw (RM38) SOLD

Choco Mynah (RM38)

Rainbow Peacock (RM38) SOLD

Look out! It's a birrd, it's a plane...NO it's a tube top! *grinn* Isn't these piece looks simply gorgeous?? I really love this collection... simple yet sexy. I love the striking COLOURS.. makes me feel so happy and wana fly...teehee... :)

This piece is suitable to go with short skirts and simple high heels...I'm sure you'll stand out in the crowd. Wait... can also match with white short pants and flip-flop to day outing! Even the butterflies with fly to you mistakenly you as the flower in the garden (can it be? =p)

It's FREE SIZE and comes with seperate belt! Worth every cents to make me pretty especially with this top. Mail me to get this piece!
*Only 1 piece for each item... get it NOW!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's Coming to ur screen

Stay tune! Pretty Ever After coming soon! oOOooO I can't wait to see the collections.....

Monday, December 8, 2008

Welcome to PrettyEverAfter! Wish you have a wonderful experience shopping here like how i found it too....teehee.....:)

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