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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Birds Of Paradise Collection

Pink Flamingo (RM38)

Red Macaw (RM38) SOLD

Choco Mynah (RM38)

Rainbow Peacock (RM38) SOLD

Look out! It's a birrd, it's a plane...NO it's a tube top! *grinn* Isn't these piece looks simply gorgeous?? I really love this collection... simple yet sexy. I love the striking COLOURS.. makes me feel so happy and wana fly...teehee... :)

This piece is suitable to go with short skirts and simple high heels...I'm sure you'll stand out in the crowd. Wait... can also match with white short pants and flip-flop to day outing! Even the butterflies with fly to you mistakenly you as the flower in the garden (can it be? =p)

It's FREE SIZE and comes with seperate belt! Worth every cents to make me pretty especially with this top. Mail me to get this piece!
*Only 1 piece for each item... get it NOW!


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